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In the past, getting on a ship was the only way to travel overseas.
However, today, flying on an airplane has become the standard.

qflex as sex toy,From time to time, new standards are born through innovations.

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In the past, central air conditioning was the only way to air condition the buildings.
Those were the days where hundreds of thousands of empty rooms around the world
were unreasonably air conditioned.

1982 VRV - The Opening of the Era of New Air Conditioning Standard

Daikin developed VRV, the world’s first multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings.
The realization of individual zone control was believed to be a huge challenge, until the arrival of VRV. This epoch-making development has drastically innovated air conditioning standard of commercial building.

1986 Lower electric bills, greater comfort level

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1990 The outdoor unit that is installable anywhere

Daikin developed the water-cooled VRV air conditioner. VRV enabled the outside unit to be paled indoors, and now can easily be installed even in high-rise buildings.

1990 Those who are sensitive to temperature can be satisfied together

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1999 Surprisingly quick replacement process

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1999 Bringing coolness to extremely hot regions

Daikin has brought VRV air conditioner to where outdoor temperatures rise to 50 °C. Centering on the Middle East, Daikin has spread VRV in this hot climate region.

2007 Bringing warmth to extremely cold regions

For severely cold environments which temperatures drop as low as -25 °C, Daikin developed a highly efficient heat pump type VRV air conditioner. Daikin expanded the experience of VRV to the extremely cold regions, where combustion heating prevailed.

2007 Controlling even humidity

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What Daikin created was an ultimately new type of air conditioning.,taboo lesvico dildos

Today, it has become one of the two types of
air conditioning systems, ducted and ductless, in the world.

Daikin will always be the pioneer of air conditioning and continue to expand this new standard, from building to building, around the world.,buzz light year sex toy

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1982 2016
Cooling Capacity 28 - 70kW 11 - 150kW
Energy Efficiency
(Cooling COP, EER)
2.78 3.28
Maximum Number of Connectable Indoor Units 10 64
Maximum Distance between Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit 50m 165m

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