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best sex toy for her that feels like oral sex,Focusing on our core technologies of inverters, motors, compressors, heat pumps, and refrigerant control, we would like to introduce the various Daikin technologies that have enabled us to create new value as the world’s No. 1 air conditioning manufacturer.

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Envisioning happiness for tomorrow, our collaboration partners and TIC collaborative creation team members express their thoughts on challenging technology innovation through various initiatives.,little bird sex toy

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Daikin's Unique Collaborative Creation to Pioneer the Future with Collaborators,ass fucked thinki g it was his sex toy

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering /Institute for Future Initiatives Vice President・Director,Office for Management Planning, University of Tokyo
Ichiro Sakata

Place of Collaborative Creation

The TIC is an environmentally-advanced, next-generation building with world-leading experiment equipment and an office environment that promotes open and flat communication. Please take a look inside the building that brings together Daikin's latest technologies.,ass lock sex toy pron

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1-1, Nishi-Hitotsuya, Settsu, Osaka, 566-8585, Japan
(on the premises of the Yodogawa Plant)
Phone: +81-(0) 6-6195-7051 (main)

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french sex toy gif,Challenge is a magazine that explains the Technology and Innovation Center's ideals and daily activities. Browsing e-book and downloading pdf files are available for latest and previous magazines.

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why do girls all buy huge dildos,If you have any questions or inquiries about the TIC, please feel free to contact us through the following links.

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Global Locations

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